Friends and Food

Filipinos are hospitable by nature. We take pleasure in welcoming people into our homes where friends can indulge themselves in good food and lively conversations. This was quite evident during my three-day weekend at a friend’s beach house.

the famous montemar sunset

the famous montemar sunset

I met N and J early this year when a mutual friend invited us to their beach house in Montemar. To say that they are the most gracious and generous hosts is an understatement.  Each weekend spent at their home has become quite memorable and has nurtured what I hope will become a lifelong friendship. Considering that we only met a few months ago, I consider N and J to be very dear friends.

indoor dining room at the best beach house

indoor dining at the beach house

N and J never fail to amaze us with the food that comes out of their kitchen. Diets go out the window and everybody succumbs to the culinary experience that should not be missed in this warm home. So as a way of showing our appreciation (and also because N thought it would be a fun idea), we decided that during this next trip, that we would all take turns in preparing a meal. Luckily enough, everyone in the group seemed to have natural flair for cooking so this was something to look forward to. Unfortunately, I was not able to document all the dishes since I was too eager to sample the cuisine. Good thing Mister M remembered to take pictures of the other dishes so not all was lost.

I was in charge of the first lunch and my menu consisted of simple and familiar food – chicken pork adobo and gising-gising. I read several recipes for gising-gising and saw that most variations used ground pork. Since one of our friends was a vegetarian, I substituted it with bagoong. The result was a very flavorful and delightful dish that had to be paired with rice. It was also a very good match with the subtly lemon-flavored adobo. Although the gising-gising was a little too spicy for the warm weather, it turned out to be a crowd pleaser and made everyone down their beers faster.




•    3 bundles Baguio beans, chopped
•    3-4 green chilis, chopped (*Miss Mai Mai’s  note: You may also seed the chili’s to lessen the heat.)
•    1 large onion, finely chopped
•    3/4 c. coconut milk
•    2 tbp. bagoong
•    2 tbp. cooking oil

Saute onions in cooking oil until transparent. Add bagoong and Baguio beans and sauté for three minutes. Add coconut milk and simmer for five minutes.

Here are some of the dishes prepared by our friends.

* Photos courtesy of Mister M.

best lamb stew i've ever tried

best lamb stew i've ever tried

Dory with lemon and dill prepared by Dr. O

Dory with lemon and dill prepared by Dr. O

inihaw na liempo reminiscent of Manang's in Ateneo, also by Dr. O

inihaw na liempo reminiscent of Manang's in Ateneo, also by Dr. O


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