Wai Ying

As everyone rushed out of Metro Manila for the week long holiday, I decided to stay in the city to enjoy the traffic-free roads and indulge in long and uninterrupted hours of sleep. But being the restless and ‘active’ person that I am, I became easily bored. So Mister M and I, along with our two friends, headed down for Binondo for our usual photowalk / food trip and hoped that our favorite restaurant, Wai Ying was open on Black Saturday.

roast duck and soy chicken

roast duck and soy chicken

We discovered Wai Ying through a friend who lives in Binondo. He suggested that we visit this teahouse and order their duck over rice as he claimed it to be the best. We never say no to duck (or to food in general) so we searched for this hole-in-the wall restaurant and found it conveniently located on Benavidez Street. It’s hard to miss it because their display window showcases roasted duck hanging on hooks and with their exhaust fan strategically facing the street, the duck aromas simply lure you in.

steamed hakaw

steamed hakaw

The restaurant can’t be more than 20 square-meters big but has a second floor. If you come any later than 12 noon, you will surely have a difficult time finding a table because the place always gets full with nearby residents and probably foodies like us who enjoy a satisfying and affordable meal.

fried pork dumplings

fried pork dumplings

I usually order the duck and soy chicken with white rice (P130) which is usually more than enough since portions are quite large. When I’m feeling hungrier than usual, I add a few orders of dimsum such as hakaw (P60) or siomai (P50). Like other teahouses, Wai Ying also offers a variety of noodle and congee dishes that look gratifying as well. My only complaint about my usual meal is that the rice that it comes with is NEVER warm. I was actually tempted to ask if they could microwave my rice but decided it wasn’t worth the hassle.  I just don’t understand why the fried rice comes warm while the white rice is almost like bahaw (day-old rice). Other than that, Wai Ying never fails to satisfy my Chinese food cravings and will always be one of the reasons why to visit Binondo again.

you can have a full meal for less than P200 per head

you can have a full meal for less than P200 per head

Wai Ying
927 Benavidez Street



  1. hi,

    was blog hopping until i saw yours.. nice pictures.. I love wai ying too.. it’s a “sister” company of the President in Binondo that’s why their dishes taste the same. unfortunately,President’s already closed down and just settled for mall based eateries..

    • missmaimai said

      thanks, croc-o-bite!

      A smaller President’s is actually open but on a different street, also in Binondo. I just don’t remember exactly where. There’s also a very good dumpling place on Yuchengco street called Dong Bei. You should check it out when you’re there 🙂

  2. u8mypinkcookies said

    The hakaw looks sooo tasty!

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