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Mystery Fruit

Ever since I started this blog, I have been more interested and have been on the look out for more fascinating produce.  Knowing that my mom had arrived from an out of town trip, I excitedly searched our kitchen for one of a kind food finds which she always manages to bring home. Lo and behold! There they were, lying in our fruit basket beside the marmande tomatoes. Unfortunately, my mom wasn’t around to tell me what they were so I asked our helper hoping that she was told what it was. All she knew was that it was some tomato variety. That didn’t help much.


Hoping that my taste buds would lead me to the answer, I sliced one open and tried it. This fruit’s skin resembled the texture of a plum and had a bitter aftertaste. The fruit itself tasted like a mild guava but smelled a lot like kiwi.  There was that taste of sweetness that lingered in my mouth that reminded me of tomatoes but I was still unclear. I couldn’t wait to find out what this curious fruit was!


Much to my dismay, my mom told me that she too had no idea what this fruit was. She was merely attracted to it for it’s unique appearance and didn’t bother to inquire about the fruit itself. Great.

After describing the fruit as best as I could to Google, I still could not get an answer. So I leave this to you now my cherished readers.  Help me identify this mystery fruit. 🙂


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