Mood Altering Food

I haven’t always been a fan of chocolate. I often preferred chips over chocolates and never went out of my way to have this for dessert. Recently, and probably because of all my baking, I have always felt the need to have a chocolate fix after every meal. Not good for the waistline but definitely beneficial for the soul.

tsokolote eh

tsokolote eh

In preparation for tomorrow’s 5k fun run, I had a (huge) bowl of pasta for dinner. I didn’t really have anything planned for dessert until my niece came down with a brilliant idea.  Churros with tsokolate eh (inspired by my sister)! I excitedly searched for out batidor and took charge of the tsokolate eh while my niece started with the churro batter.

my niece making the churros

my niece making the churros

The chocolate milk took no time at all to make, but before trying it out, I remembered a scene from Chocolat where Juliette Binoche offers Judie Dench a cup of hot chocolate. In this scene, Judie Dench senses a peculiar taste in the chocolate and is tickled pink by it, only to find out that a dash of pepper had miraculously altered her mood from sour to giddy.  Not that I needed any uplifting but it seemed like a combination to unique to pass up. True enough, it was extremely delicious. The richness of the chocolate paired with fieriness of the cayenne can excite anyone instantly and truly perk up the lowest of moods. It’s amazing what food can do!

tsokolate eh with a dash of cayenne pepper

tsokolate eh with a dash of cayenne pepper

It’s going to take a lot of self-control not to make this every night. Especially with the rainy season creeping in, this hot drink will surely make it’s way into our hands more than needed. But hey, i’m not complaining.

What food makes you happy and giddy?



  1. Rico said

    Cayenne pepper huh?! Will try that out.
    Good food in general makes me happy, but my ultimate comfort food would be the humble tinola.

    • missmaimai said

      I would have to agree with the tinola! There’s nothing like it, along with sinigang and nilaga. Now you’re making me hungry 🙂

  2. ginger said

    mai, you know isa makes a vegan chocolate cayenne cupcake!

    • missmaimai said

      Oh I didn’t know that. I actually thought of translating the drink into cupcakes. Will search for a recipe. Ayoko ng vegan 😛

  3. ginger said

    tanong mo si angge tungkol sa cupcakes na yon …..

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