The Land of Umami and the Search for the Perfect Duck

I finally got my first stamp on my passport for this year. The last time I was in Hong Kong was over 10 years ago so I was quite excited and anxious to see how the place had changed (or not). I was always with my Mom whenever I would go to Hong Kong which meant that I basically just followed her around. This would be my first solo trip there so I knew it would feel like it was my first time.

my first dinner at HK

my first HK dinner

Other than being excited about seeing my good friend, I was also quite psyched to have some authentic Chinese food, specifically Peking duck.  During my 5 day-search for that tasty feathered friend, I noticed that there’s a common aroma and taste to Chinese cuisine and I realized what it is – umami! And apparently,  umami is also now considered as a new taste! As in our taste buds have a certain area that is specific for umami. I don’t know much about umami except for the fact that it makes food taste absolutely delicious and that it gives me a dizzy feeling after each meal.

shining, shimmering, splendid!

peking duck from Peking Garden - shining, shimmering, splendid!

As for the search for the duck – I was quite successful.  Although I didn’t get to try the one at the famed Spring Deer, I was very happy with the one at Peking Garden. I can’t imagine a duck getting any better and fattier than that. Even though I knew my cholesterol levels were shooting up as I consumed one slice after another, I was in Pekingese heaven. I constantly reminisce about the distinct flavors of that duck and wish I was back in Hong Kong to finish off carcass that we brought home from teh restaurant. How I regret not hand-carrying that back home.

I could probably eat a plate-ful by myself, but you'd have to take me to the ER after.

I could probably eat a plate-ful by myself, but you'd have to take me to the ER after.



  1. Ninette said

    I love Peking duck! Hope you had a great trip.

  2. ginger said

    remember when dad would come back from the airport late at night carrying a box of peking duck and we would be up late that night eating it already? 🙂

    • missmaimai said

      Yes, I remember 🙂 In fact I was going to take a box home also except I didn’t know where to get duck early in the morning.

  3. Rico said

    I know! Let’s have a peking duck eating contest! The loser will pay for the hospital bills! :p
    I miss Hong Kong. The last time we were there was 3 years ago. We want to go back. There’s still so much to explore. Hope you post some details of your trip, with lots of pictures!

  4. missmaimai said

    I will never turn down an eating contest 😛 It was quite nice being back in HK after so long. Go, go and have your duck!

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