Sango! The Master Burger


I’ve known of Sango for a while now and have heard only good things about their burgers. I just never bothered to go because I always found Makati Cinema Square to be an inconvenient location. So it was fortunate that the after so many years, they finally decided to open another branch at a more accessible mall, Poweplant in Rockwell.

Today, before watching Transformers, Mister M and I decided to grab lunch at newly opened branch of this famous burger joint. The restaurant itself is quite spacious and well-lit, with very comfortable booths and  ample tables for the lunch crowd. We also noticed how the place was adorned with Japanese comic books and was even showing Japanese music videos. It was quite entertaining and added a very quirky feel to the place.

BLT cheeseburger

BLT cheeseburger

Yakinuku rice burger

Yakinuku rice burger

As for the food, I was quite pleased. Mister M ordered their famous Yakinuku Rice Burger (P110) while I ordered their BLT Burger with cheese (P125) and their fresh salad (P75) with a simple sesame and soy sauce dressing. I wasn’t that thrilled about the rice burger only because my taste buds cannot fathom the concept of rice as a bun but Mister M was very happy with his food. He insisted that I try the beef and it was actually very tasty, but I was saving my appetite for my burger. When my burger arrived, I knew I had ordered right. This BLT burger had the right amount of meat and vegetables, making a very balanced meal. Although I was intimidated by the size of this burger and was wondering how to partake of it, I was also very excited to taste it and disappointed I was not 😛 I loved that there were so much vegetables and I could really taste the grilled beef. The bacon was cooked well and was not tough to eat and went well with a slice of tomato. I quietly enjoyed my burger and was pleased to have found a new place to frequent at my favorite mall. We also ordered their fries which were perfectly cooked and not to greasy. For my drink, I ordered their iced green tea. I was expecting a sweet drink but this was basically green tea on ice. T’was a very healthy drink 🙂

you can actually order and pay at this express kiosk. quite efficient don't you think?

you can actually order and pay at this express kiosk. quite efficient don't you think?

I left Sango full and wondering what took me so long in trying this great-tasting and affordable burger. Rockwell residents are lucky to have a place like this nearby and I now have another reason for loving Powerplant Mall.

other burgers to choose from

other sandwiches to choose from



  1. u8mypinkcookies said

    i love love love sango!! 😀 ube ryummy fries too, aside from their burgers.

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