Diet Food

curried tofu and sauteed bean sprouts, packed for my lunch tomorrow

tomorrow's lunch: curried tofu and sauteed bean sprouts

I’ve been bad. I have been careless about my food in take and feel that I am starting to put on a little weight. So before I pack on the pounds and sink deeper into that ‘my-diet-starts-tomorrow’ attitude, I am back into a more disciplined eating regimen. This means, rice only when necessary (meaning, only when I have a run), more vegetables and protein, and if possible, no fried food.  As for beer…well, let’s just not go that far.

Whenever I want to lose a few pounds, I always turn to my favorite diet food – tofu and bean sprouts. I was a little tired of eating it together, yasai itame style. So tonight, I fancied my tofu up a bit and turned it into curried tofu. As usual, I made my own curry paste consisting of garlic, onions, lemongrass, corriander, turmeric and cayenne pepper. Making your own paste makes a whole lot of difference when it comes to taste and you definitely want your diet food to be appetizing, right?

So this is me committing to being good again. As I post this, I promise myself to be a healthier eater (ba-bye, duck and starchy white rice) and to keep off the weight I worked so hard on losing.



  1. Thea Torres said

    I love tofu and this looks sumptuous. Hope you’ll feature more healthy food.

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