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Non Cooking-Related Post : Run For Home Results

Last Sunday, after much apprehension and self doubt, I bravely ran my first 10k. I was admittedly undertrained and was very afraid of feeling the need to walk during the race, but as a runner, that has been my only goal – to never stop running, no matter how slow my pace may be. And now, I can proudly say that I succesfully finished the race at a considerably decent pace.

This was a very exciting race for me not only because of the distance, but also because of the route. Running up the Buendia flyover was quite (excruciating) and exhilirating at the same time. Seeing the sea of people run their way up this usually car-ridden path was extraordinary. How I wish I had a camera to capture that moment.

The other element that made this run unique were the disposable chips that the runners used. Because of this, RunPix was able to give a very detailed analysis of each runner’s pace. I was very impressed by this chip and now find any race that uses the same technology worth joining.

My race results:


‘Til my next 10k… 🙂


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Party Cupcakes

I have wanted to make these cupcakes ever since I laid eyes on them and I finally found the perfect time to make them. Tomorrow, my friend’s daughter will be celebrating her first birthday and will be having a Candyland themed party where these cheery cupcakes will be making an appearance. These are the cupcakes that the children will be decorating and I honestly can’t wait to see how they turn out. IMG_5716IMG_5721

To make these cupcakes, simply take your vanilla cupcake recipe and add food coloring of your choice in separate bowls.  Do not mix the colors in one bowl as the colors will bleed and you will end up with a brown batter. After you’ve mixed your batter with your chosen colors, spoon the batter alternately into the cupcake liners, filling them 2/3 of the way. Bake as instructed.

These cucpakes, I predict, will become a staple at children’s parties because really, who can resist biting into a rainbow cupcake?

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Work Mode

I’ve been awfully quiet, I know. Work work (as opposed to school work) has taken up most of my time and has been sending me to bed quite early thus, leaving no time for blogging. I obviously haven’t found the time to either cook or bake. I’ve actually had to turn down cupcake orders because workdays have made it impossible to spend time in the kitchen.

Although I have been extremely busy preparing for a new school year, I haven’t been feeling stressed at school. Something else has been causing my anxiety and I finally realized what it is – my first cupcake decorating party this Sunday! Even if I feel quite prepared and know that I have everything that I will need for that day, I have this feeling in my gut that I might forget something or that something might go wrong. Just thinking about it is making my stomach turn. But i’m sure everything will fall into place as it should and I might actually end up enjoying that afternoon. I guess it’s anxiety brought about by a ‘first.’ Maybe all I need is a drink, yeah?

So while I wait for lunch and kill time (since my brain has stopped working), here as some photos from my last beach trip. Maybe the memory of good food and the sea will ease my nerves. 🙂



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Time Out


It’s only been a week since work started and already I feel like I need a break. Fortunately, my friends and I planned a beach trip a while back so I’m going to get the respite that I so need. Inasmuch as I love being back at school, being with my co teachers and also love baking, the last few days have been exhausting (think new, overwhelming job and 120 cupcakes to bake).

So i’m off to the beach to be with the most wonderful people I know, batter and computer-free.

P.S. I honestly can’t wait to cook my chicken inasal and see how my recipe turns out. Watch out for my “beach post” when I get back.

Have a good weekend, everyone!

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