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I’ve been awfully quiet, I know. Work work (as opposed to school work) has taken up most of my time and has been sending me to bed quite early thus, leaving no time for blogging. I obviously haven’t found the time to either cook or bake. I’ve actually had to turn down cupcake orders because workdays have made it impossible to spend time in the kitchen.

Although I have been extremely busy preparing for a new school year, I haven’t been feeling stressed at school. Something else has been causing my anxiety and I finally realized what it is – my first cupcake decorating party this Sunday! Even if I feel quite prepared and know that I have everything that I will need for that day, I have this feeling in my gut that I might forget something or that something might go wrong. Just thinking about it is making my stomach turn. But i’m sure everything will fall into place as it should and I might actually end up enjoying that afternoon. I guess it’s anxiety brought about by a ‘first.’ Maybe all I need is a drink, yeah?

So while I wait for lunch and kill time (since my brain has stopped working), here as some photos from my last beach trip. Maybe the memory of good food and the sea will ease my nerves. 🙂





  1. Rico said

    The beach looks nice. Details please. Where and what resort? I sure hope this is driving distance from the city.

    • missmaimai said

      Hi, Rico! This is at Montemar in Bataan. Very convenient to get to now especially with the SCTEX 🙂

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