Tuna Salad Nicoise


I’ve finally found the time to blog! Everytime I would think of my blog, I would feel guilty for being so quiet and for not making time to even just write a short post. Work has just consumed all my time (in a very positive way) that I’ve completely ignored everything else. Perhaps I need a few lessons in time management?

But today, Sunday, I promised my sister that I’d cook lunch for her as part of her birthday celebration. Lunch was quite simple, consisting of one pasta dish, the usual roasted chicken and a salad. This time, I decided to make Tuna Salad Nicoise which I think is quite underrated. Caesar Salad always trumps everything else, right? So I was very happy to see that my version of this French salad was well-appreciated.

I used the normal recipe and put black olives, green beans, tomatoes, tuna, eggs and potatoes, except the potatoes that I used were roasted in the oven with the chicken. This gave the salad a very hearty and wonderful flavor which made it quite addicting.  The dressing that I made was also quite simple – lemon juice, olive oil and good dijon mustard.  Each bite of this salad was different, highlighting a different ingredient at every fork full, but I particularly liked mine to have more of the potatoes and the olives.  I would’ve been satisfied with just that as my lunch, but at our home, you can never just have salad.

P.S. This post will hopefull jump start the bloglines but if not, just bear with me 😛


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