Zen Baking


Green Tea Cupcakes with a Surprise Frosting

I’ve forgotten how therapeutic baking can be. Lately I’ve only been baking to fulfill orders, which can be quite stressful for the obvious reasons. Baking for yourself or for loved-ones is a totally different story.

Today, instead of working on my laptop and checking papers, I decided to take the load off by spending some quality time in the kitchen. I have a date with my college girlfriends tonight so I decided to make a dozen green tea cupcakes for them.  Making those didn’t take very long and I was still in the baking mood so I considered making a recipe I’ve ignored for quite a while.

Remember that pound cake I made before? Well, for some reason, I could never make it again. All my succeeding attempts were all failures and I just chose to resentfully  keep this recipe until I felt brave enough to try it again. I guess all I really needed was the confidence because it turned out just like the first one. Who knew ovens could smell fear?

Although today was really supposed to be spent working, I’m glad I took the time off to do something I really enjoy. I’ve been feeling so overworked lately that all I do when I’m done is sleep (oh, and maybe have a beer or two).  After today, and what I can imagine to be a good night with the girls, I should be ready to take on more work. The next week will be quite hellish and I think it was really important for me to regroup. So here’s to a week full of deadlines and hopefully a disposition that will help me breeze through it.



  1. womanbyjacobswell said

    Girl, I spent today taking it easy too. sleeping in, checking, sleeping, then checking, sleeping again and then now checking. i was scared if I forced it, I would end up feeding this emerging migraine…which is i understand now, my body’s way of telling me to slow down. Have fun tonight! 🙂 Here’s being recharged tomorrow.

    • missmaimai said

      Same here! I slept in (and totally ignored the Rescue Run) and just enjoyed my Saturday, which I think we all deserve. I’m bracing myself for the coming week, but we can do this! Yes, please, listen to what your body is telling you…when this hell week is over, let’s hit SM again..and maybe the weekend bazaar?

      • butterflybound said

        OMG. Yes, SM, they’ve got it all. 🙂 Plus weekend bazaar! Want to start christmas shopping early wearly. Bday looms. Am thinking of doing something “relief-e,” give away instead of receive gifts. Any suggestions?

  2. ginger said

    i agree with you 110%!!! baking to fulfill orders tends to stress me out. and james would often complain that he can taste the difference between food that i lovingly & willingly made, and the food that i just got forced to make 😛 i was so ready to bake the poundcake last night, only to discover that hurot na ang eggs … and it was raining and cold and couldnt do a store run coz of the kids ….. tomorrow, hopefully 🙂

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