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Food Photography

Whenever I have a new idea for a post, two things come to mind: (1) When can I make this dish? and (2) How do I photograph it? Styling (or attempting to) and photographing my food probably takes just as long as it does to make the actual dish. I think everyone who has a food blog knows that it’s one thing to make your dish taste good, and another to make it LOOK good.


I was quite thrilled with the idea of using colored chocolate chips as an accent for my cookie photo.  I think it makes for a more eye catching image as opposed to using a plain brown background.

Food photography is still quite tricky for me, especially in terms of composition.  You can only style a cupcake in so many ways, right? And it is through my search for food styling inspiration that I stumbled upon these wonderful sites that have excellent food photography.

1. HONEY & JAM – A food blog by an 18 year old. This has got to be one of my favorites because other than her mouth watering recipes, she always takes beautiful photos that are wonderfully styled without being too contrived.

2. TASTESPOTTING – This site offers a plethora of food blogs that one can spend hours on.  I like this site because they seem to have a good standard for choosing which photos to feature on their site.

3. CUPCAKES TAKE THE CAKE – More than the photography, I look to this website for really fun cupcake designs.

4. 80 BREAKFASTS – Among all the local food blogs, this is probably the one that I visit the most. I like that each post usually just has one excellent photo.  There’s nothing more annoying that a site with a ton of poorly taken photos that take forever to load.  80 Breakfasts is simple but engaging.

5. NOBLE PIG – This site has amazingly unique recipes with photos that are straightforward but still very pleasing to the eye.  Definitely one to add to your RSS feed.


I almost always shoot during the day just so I can avoid having to use my flash. But hey, if you know how to use your flash well, go ahead 🙂 Maybe you can teach me a thing or two?

Any food blogs you’d like to suggest?


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