Hangover Cures

my souvenir from Fiesta San Miguel

Last night, I got a little carried away and had more than my share of beer. Woke up this morning to what seemed like a hundred jackhammers in my head and the feeling of regret for having ingested so much alcohol. By 2PM, I already wanted to shoot myself because I was still in misery. As Barney of HIMYM would say, “I’m getting too old for this.” I couldn’t eat and was sick almost every hour. I’m telling you, I developed abs in one afternoon from all the hurling. Amazing.

In my desperation to find a cure for my insufferable hangover, I came across this post by the Drunken Pirate, which inspired this one. His post made me want an Alka Seltzer and Gatorade badly, but being as incapacitated as I was, I couldn’t even find the strength to send someone out to get some.

So in honor of my recovery (which took a whole day), here is a list of my favorite hangover cures.

1. Beef Cup Noodles by Nissin. This instant soup is always a soothing welcome to my drunk and acidic stomach.  This is usually the only thing I can take after a rough night of drinking, and yes, this one is my favorite.

2.  Aleve. Taking one of these before sleeping always prevents a hangover. But if you get too drunk to remember, taking one in the morning will eliminate any nasty headaches.  *Taking pain killers after consuming alcohol may cause liver damage.

3. Lugaw. One of my favorite comfort food of all time.  I was relieved to see that this was served for breakfast but was only able to eat it in the afternoon. This carb-filled meal fills and warms the stomach.

4. Gatorade. I think everyone knows that if you drink one before sleeping, you could save yourself a lot of trouble.  The Drunken Pirate makes a funny specification to get the lemon lime variant because in the event that it comes back up, this one won’t stain 😛

5. Airborne or Berocca – There’s something about fizzy drinks that makes me feel better when hungover. Plus it’s probably a good idea to make up for lost nutrients.


my cure-all

6. Anything greasy. The moment I feel ready to eat, I always look for something fried like hotdogs, spam or chorizo. Maybe it’s my body wanting to make up for the loss of calories.

7. Water – Duh. Naturally, your body will welcome any form of rehydration but I think water just does the trick. But for some reason, I cannot take cold water when in this state because it hurts my stomach. I can only take lukewarm water when recovering, and I take lots of it.

And what not to take? Anything sour. I attempted to drink a glass of pineapple juice and my body just instantly rejected it.

So unless you’re in your early 20s and can easily bounce back from a night of drinking, be prepared so you can prevent having to spend the whole day trying to recover from a nasty hangover.



  1. Paula said

    i have to send you pictures. 😉

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