Mexican Hot Chocolate Cupcakes

IMG_7125What was supposed to be a 3-day weekend was extended another day, and I think we were all secretly thankful for this prolonged vacation.  My co-teachers and I just got over the first term crunch and got our much needed break (maybe even too much of it).

Last night, Mr. and Mrs. PM decided to host a Mexican dinner in lieu of a Halloween party.  I honestly thought that was a better idea since I’ve never been a fan of this festival.  Yes, I am the Halloween scrooge 😛 Mrs. PM was set to cook all the food so I volunteered to bring dessert – Mexican hot chocolate cupcakes. Basically, the cupcake version of hot chocolate with a dash of cayenne. I was very excited to make these.

After reading different variations of this recipe, I finally decided on my own. I was going to take my chocolate cupcake recipe and just add 1/8 teaspoon of cayenne and chai spices to it. I also substituted the regular cow’s milk with coconut milk which was quite typical for this recipe. I was very curious to see if the coconut milk would affect the taste of the cupcake, but it didn’t. To top it all of, I made orange chocolate buttercream frosting. Mmmmmmm. This cupcake recipe is perfect for a cold night because of the hint of heat and all the spices that warm you up inside. This is definitely not your regular chocolate cupcake and my absolute new favorite.

I’d share my recipe with you but then I’d have to hunt you down after. But check this one out, a recipe from Love and Olive Oil which is very similar to the one I used.

Happy baking everyone and I hope you all had a safe weekend.



  1. That photo is gorgeous. These sound delicious!

  2. Michael said

    how interesting!
    check out my food blog and tell me what you think:


  3. RIa said

    i should really stop looking at photos of your pastries….everytime i see them natatakam talaga ako!

  4. missmaimai said

    Sure, i’ll do your wedding cupcakes! When? 🙂

    And yes, buttercream icing sometimes is a big headache to make because of our climate. I always have to rush my cupcakes in the ref so the buttercream sets but I have had my share of melting episodes where I had to re-ice my cupcakes 😛

    P.S. looks like i accidentally deleted one of your comments. Soweeee.

    • RIa said

      how i wish there was a date for it!!! i guess my decision to just use sugar frosting was indeed a good one.

      wait question: if i put it in the ref it sets? but for how long can it stay out in room temp after setting?!?

      check it out : 🙂 nothing as fancy, but for halloween, quite cute haha!

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