The Russian Cookie House

The Christmas season has brought on variety of edible gifts. Everyday, there’s a new package on my table, waiting to be opened and consumed. There have been so much that I end up sharing the calories, but there was one particular gift that I considered keeping all myself.

Russian Cookies from The Russian Cookie House

I wasn’t particularly drawn to this food item because when I do crave for cookies, I go for chewy ones. These looked like the crumbly kind, looking similar to shortbread; your typical tea cookies, which I am not so fond of.  I opened it out of curiosity since I had never had Russian cookies and boy, oh, boy, was I glad that I did.  I first tried the pale, round cookies, which apparently are the original Russian cookies. They were so delicious! Buttery, crumbly and light with a nutty surprise in the middle. I was in love. My taste buds were so impressed that I tried another one, the white almond cookies. It tasted like the Russian cookies, covered in white chocolate, topped with the freshest and crunchiest almond.  I could’ve finished the contents of that entire box but I controlled myself and re-tied the ribbon tightly to prevent further consumption.

Just for these cookies, I will willingly brave The Podium again.

The Russian Cookie House has stores at The Podium and at the Mall of Asia.

For Orders Call:



  1. misterm said

    Ooh, I wonder how these go with vodka 😉

  2. missmaimai said

    Very well, I imagine. Everything is good with a little vodka 😛

  3. mia said

    are you based in the south? saw a booth at cuenca today. i think they also have a booth at baker’s dozen at power plant every weekend 🙂

  4. missmaimai said

    Hi, Mia! Yes, I am. I didn’t know they were at Baker’s Dozen! That’s good news because I’m always at Powerplant.

  5. Rico said

    They have one in MOA. Have you tried Classic Confections’ (now in GB5) Russian Cookies? I think they’re better. Better get the Almond Rocca too while there. 🙂

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