Band-Aid at Basty’s

I have never been a victim of foreign objects in food, until yesterday.

While waiting for my car to be fixed, Mister M and I decided to grab merienda at Basty’s, one of our favorite restaurants at The Fort. We (used to) like it there because we found the place cozy, quiet and they serve good Spanish food.

As we were halfway through our usual order of chorizos fritos, I noticed something unusual-looking in the dish. I picked up what looked (to Mister M) like garlic skin and stupid me, popped it in my mouth quickly to confirm whether or not it was garlic! Well guess what?! HINDI SIYA GARLIC! &*@!*! I can now tick offpopping a used band-aid in my mouth from my list of things to do before I die.

The waiters were very apologetic but how do you appease someone who just chewed on a used band aid, right?

Too bad it had to happen at one of our favorite restaurants. I might go back if they promise never to serve band-aid ever again.


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  1. Rico said

    They just apologised? We would have refused to pay the bill and ordered a health inspection pronto. Ok, maybe not me, but my lawyer friend would.
    Kadiri naman yun!

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