My First Trail Run and the Best Recovery Meal

It was hard for me to work today. My mind was still my recent weekend getaway where Mister M and I stayed overnight in Sta. Rosa for the Northface Nuvali Trail Run. It was my first trail run and I couldn’t be more excited.

Day 1

Things already started on the right note when we arrived at our home base for the night, El Cielito Inn. I am really not finicky about where I sleep. All I want are clean sheets, a clean bathroom, and preferably an air conditioner. For the price of P2,512 (discounted rate for race participants), we got what we wanted with good service too boot. We were so happy with the place that we were already thinking of staying there again for my first marathon (TBR marathon).

We were at Sta. Rosa for a full afternoon so we decided to look around for a nice place where we could have dinner and load up on carbs. The plan was to hit Kanin Club at Paseo de Sta. Rosa, but we got side tracked when I remembered what someone told me that there was a good Japanese restaurant in the vicinity. Nothing excited Mister M more than Japanese food so we went and looked for the place. Much to our surprise, there was a whole lane of Japanese restaurants, almost like a Little Tokyo. We chose from about four restaurants but gravitated towards the one with simple interiors and what seemed like an authentic Japanese menu, Ichi.

Ichi at Pase de Sta. Rosa

I have to say that their menu was quite overwhelming. They had a plethora of dishes to choose from but I suppose if you know what you want, you should be ok.  There was also a menu available in Japanese and one Pinoy friendly version with pictures on it.

reasonable prices at Ichi

We ordered a lot on our first visit – sushi mix, soba, chicken terriyaki with rice, salmon sushi, eggplant tempura and beer and our bill was almost exactly P1000. Not bad at all for the quality and the servings were just right.

Sushi Mix

Pork Soba proved to be unforgettable since Mister M was still thinking about it until the next day.

Eggplant Tempura

Chicken Terriyaki

Salmon Sushi, like butter.

the white rice was actually my favorite part of the meal. sooooper sarap!

ever present beer

Again, all that for P1000.

Day 2

Race organizers were spot on when they called the even Thrill of the Race. Nuvali was buzzing with excitement and anticipation people were at the assembly area as early as 4:00 am. I was overwhelmed with good vibes.

The race was an absolute success. Nuvali provided a scenic and serene route that left all of us happily challenged.  It was a great first for me! But I think I was also quite elated to have Mister M waiting for me by the finish line 🙂

Catching the sunrise during the run was an amazing experience

good job, Northface!

Despite the horror stories of some participants who got lost during the trail run, I think it was a memorable experience for everyone. After the race, we headed back to El Cielito to wash up and rest then headed back to Ichi for our lunch/recovery meal.

Sashimi sampler

Chicken Fried rice

Tempura Soba

Gyoza goodness (although I think it had MSG)

Ichi's interiors

I can’t help but still gush over such a good weekend. Everything about it was perfect and I’m already looking forward to my next Sta. Rosa visit.

*Food pictures courtesy of Mister M and his LX3.



  1. Kaye said

    Hey Mai, how much was the Sashimi Platter? Looks authentic alright. Thanks for sharing, will visit next time we pass by Sta. Rosa. 🙂

    • missmaimai said

      Hi Kaye! If I remember right, it was about P260. Very authentic and I promise the place will not disappoint 🙂

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