The Best Filipino Side Dish

Growing up, I would always eat kamias.  I remember picking this extremely sour fruit from our backyard and running to the house for some rock salt so I could enjoy it’s extreme sourness.  I never knew how else to eat this fruit until I was introduced to an amazing side dish at my Tita’s beach house in Batangas. This kamias side dish was always served with grilled fish or limepo and it just made people eat twice as much as they normally would.

This morning, as I went for my morning run, I noticed that our kamias tree had a lot of fruit. So using my shirt as my basket, I picked as much as I could and excitedly planned on making this side dish for dinner.

Fresh ingredients, all (except for the onions) from our garden

To make this side dish, you will need tomatoes, onions , ginger, green chili and bagoong balayan. The original recipe didn’t have this but since they’re in season, I decided to throw in some indian mangoes as well. Saute the onions, tomatoes and ginger in some oil until tender. Pour about 1/4 cup of bagoon balayan and simmer for 10 minutes. You can actually put less since the bagoong is extremely salty and can be overpowering. I made the mistake of pouring the contents of the whole bottle and I am now drinking as much water as possible to flush away the salt.  After simmering the bagoong, add the indian mangoes, kamias, chilies and turn the heat off. This dish is best served at room temperature.


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  1. I love Kamias! We pickle it and eat it with just about anything. But i also love it as it is with bagoong. Yum.

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