Bad Ganache. Good Truffles.

I probably shouldn’t admit this, but I actually hate and am terrible at making chocololate ganache. I can never get it’s consistency right.  Ganache is meant to be smooth and silky but when I make it, I end up with a large mound of sticky, gooey chocolate.

When life hands you bad ganache, make truffles!

Today, I attempted again and failed miserably. I was staring and poking at the bowl of wasted chocolate when I realized that I could actually make chocolate trufflesWhoopppeeee! It wasn’t a complete waste, after all.

My first attempt at making dark chocolate truffles.

I’d share my ganache recipe with you but the truth is that I don’t follow one. Hmmmm. Maybe that’ll explain the unsuccessful attempts. So here is a ganache recipe from a more reliable source, Ina Garten. 🙂

Spice up your regular chocolate truffles. Add some cayenne and turn them into Hot Chocolate Truffles!

It also happens to be my chocolate-loving niece’s 23rd birthday tomorrow so it’s the perfect time to have lots of chocolate around the house. Happy birthday, Ge!


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