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Saturday Morning

Last night, I was happily tucked in bed by 8:30PM and fast asleep by 9PM.  The deluge of work and late night long runs were starting to take a toll on my body and a good night’s rest was exactly what I needed. I woke up feeling well-rested, famished and excited to bake.


baked eggs for breakfast

I veered away from the red hotdogs and prepared my own breakfast – baked eggs and a strawberry banana smoothie. I dropped by the grocery yesterday and was happy to find strawberry yogurt from the Macalauan Farm. This dairy farm is in Laguna and I’ve found that they have the best full cream milk. Their yogurt was perfect for my breakfast smoothie. 🙂

Strawberry banana smoothie with yogurt from the Macalauan farm


My dog, who just gave birth, has been really paranoid about people going anywhere near her puppies. Her being over-protective got her jammed in between the banister. 😛

Inka stuck in between the banisters

She wanted to check on them without having to go down the stairs.

Inka's four fat puppies


The plan was to bake chocolate oatmeal cookies and pound cake for tomorrow’s run. I was very happy to be baking for such a wonderful group of people.

chaotic kitchen

I decided to turn the pound cake into a marble cake for our very dedicated Coach 🙂

Marble cake

Am hoping for good weather tomorrow, and that my legs endure the 36K run.

Marble Cake recipe to follow…

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Crunch Time

Time has been going by so quickly. With the 09-10 school year ending soon and my marathon training, down time for me means getting enough sleep, and if i’m lucky, a massage. I’ve been so caught up with all of this that I realized too late that I failed to write an anniversary post! Yes, last March 29, Kitchen Attempts turned one!

Chocolate Orange – my favorite combination.

Fortunately though, I can still find the time to bake. Last week, I was whining at the thought of having to fulfill orders after a long day at work and a 15k run. Who wants to bake orders late at night, right? But I was surprised that once in the kitchen, that I actually didn’t mind it at all. Being in the kitchen was a nice escape and this helped me get my baking groove back.

So last Saturday, to distract myself from the anxiety that I was feeling towards my first 30km run, I decided to try out a cookie recipe that was passed on by a friend.  I actually mentioned how I was waiting for this recipe in this post and was just looking for the perfect occasion, and there’s no better time to whip out cookies than after a 4 hour run.  I wish I could share the recipe with all of you but I promised my friend that it would be top secret, so photos will have to do for now 🙂

Chocolate Orange Oatmeal Cookies

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