Post Long Run

My Sundays are now usually spent waking up very early in the morning to meet my training group for our scheduled long runs. The runs are always challenging and most of the time, fun but what I look forward to the most are the post run gatherings.

It has sort of become a habit to assemble by our cars where we hydrate, eat and exchange silly anecdotes while enjoying our endorphin highs.  The conversations that take place during these times always  leave us laughing in stitches.  It’s always a riot.

I used to say that I had enough friends to last me a lifetime but after meeting these people, I’ve decided that I have room for a few more. 🙂

This morning, I brought strawberry banana oatmeal muffins for the girls.



  1. mayen said

    aha! eto yun!! 🙂 sarap! too bad mikey and hec weren’t able to taste them! hahaha

  2. thea said

    Mayen..this is our favorite! Hector is not a competition when it comes to food (with fruits in/on it). Si Mikey? Ah lahat naman gusto nyan! haha

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