First Cherry Pie Attempt

Only one week left and I head back home. Although I do miss Manila, I don’t like saying goodbye to my siblings and my adorable nephews and nieces. I always wish we didn’t have to live oceans apart from each other.

my nephew enjoying picking cherries

I’ve been going back and forth my brother and sister’s house. Now i’m with the sister and when we’re not searching the outlets for great bargains, and when she’s not busy being supermom, we’re in the kitchen baking or cooking, as if making up for lost sister time. I’ve mentioned before that my sister has a lot to do with my ability to cook. I often watched her in the kitchen and most especially, ate most of what she made. Now that I know my way around the kitchen as well, it’s nice to do some tandem cooking.

The other day, we visited a cherry orchard and harvested this summer fruit with the kids. We had a wonderful time climbing trees and ladders, trying to pick the sweetest cherries possible.  We harvested so much that we had more than enough for our first cherry pie attempt.

Making a cherry pie was surprisingly simple. All you really need is some sugar and cornstarch and store bought pie crust that just make things a lot easier and delicious. I am happy to report that our first cherry pie attempt was a success! The cherry pie filling was nicely tart and sweet with the right gooey consistency. My sister thinks that it could use a little less sugar and she’s probably right. Next time, instead of using 1 1/2 cups sugar, I’ll probably settle for just 1 cup. That large slice of pie is sitting happily in my stomach and I’m trying to figure out how long I’ll have to run today to burn off all that sugar.

Find the cherry recipe here. My only concern about this recipe is that it doesn’t specify the cooking time for the cherry pie filling so I had to rely on my cooking instincts. 😛


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