Food Trip

After three weeks of being with my siblings and their kids, I am back in Manila. It was a fantastic trip and I was extremely sad to say goodbye (as always), but there will always be more reunions to look forward to.

During this trip, I told my siblings not to worry about taking me around. All I really wanted to do was to be with them so it didn’t matter if we were home most of the time. One thing we all enjoyed doing was of course, eating.  We hit our usual dining spots and discovered a few new favorites.

Taquitos are my favorite Mexican food. We discovered this taqueria (Casa Treio) through my sister’s neighbor and the food was excellent.  I wish we had more good Mexican restaurants in Manila.

The obligatory In and Out burger.  I think these burgers taste a lot like the ones from Sango.

Akasaka serves fresh and authentic Japanese dishes that will never disappoint. My brother and sister go so often that they have become good friends with Sako, the restaurant owner. This Chirashi bowl ($32) can easily feed 4-5 people and is my absolute favorite.

Jalapeno Tempura. Need I say more?

Rainbow Roll. Can you tell how fresh the fish are in this picture?

One night we decided to visit the neighborhood night market and discovered this delightful Salvadorian staple food, Pupusas. It’s like a cross between a tortilla and a pancake, infused with flavors like cheese, jalapenos or even chicharon! And on top of the tortilla is either beef or pickled cabbage. Dangerously delicious!

Hooters Wings. Too good to pass up. Each fiery and butter-filled bite is definitely worth all the calories. Check out this site for the shocking reveal on how many calories there are per serving.

Lucille’s BBQ biscuits are heavenly. Light, buttery and creamy, paired with their apple butter is absolutely divine. I couldn’t stop eating them and the servers just kept giving more.

But this, my friend, will turn any non-beer drinker to a lover. Lucille’s Hefeweizen is the best beer I’ve ever had. I’m tearing up just thinking about the distance between us. I predict that my brother, who has also fallen in love with this beer, will be back in Long Beach pretty soon.


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