Fish N’ Chips, SMB Style

Lately, I’ve been obsessed with Jamie Oliver’s cookbooks. I’ve always loved his laid back style of cooking and his choice in ingredients. I’ve also been mentoring a student who has chosen Jamie Oliver as her notable for a 6th grade project called the Night of the Notables.

The Night of the Notables is a yearly event that the students take on, where they choose one individual who they believe has made a great impact on society. This project requires a lot of research and writing, which shocks the newbie middle schoolers in terms of the workload. It’s like an acid test and I always remind them of how enduring the process will form and build character.

Reading and editing my student’s work has made me pick up Jamie’s cookbooks more often. I have three of his cookbooks but Jamie’s Dinners is my current favorite. I’ve tried several recipes from this book and have loved all of them. This was also a gift from a dear friend, JessMo, which makes me love the book even more.

Yesterday, as I tried to hide from the city sun, I stayed in the kitchen and made an afternoon snack and dinner. Snack was just homemade basil pesto and tomatoes on bruschetta, which I found in this cookbook. Done and devoured in 60 seconds, the boyfriend and I both loved it. But I was very excited to make dinner – fish and chips! The lone piece of dory resting in the freezer would finally serve it’s purpose.

frying excites me, especially when it turns golden brown

I don’t always follow a recipe. Instead, I use it as an inspiration. For this recipe’s batter, I used organic rye flour, San Miguel Light Beer, baking powder, salt and pepper. About 40 minutes later, I was ecstatic about the success of my first attempt at fish and chips. The flavors from the rye flour and beer complemented each other and there was a distinct malt taste to it. There was so much left over batter that I was so tempted to just fry it and eat it on it’s own. Fear of being judged by the boyfriend stopped me 😛

beautifully speckled batter

I can’t wait until I can make this recipe again. I may even use it to make corn dogs and fried chicken. Frying party, anyone?

I was a little sad about the "chip" on my fish's batter but it still tasted so good!

Fish and Chips Batter Recipe

1 cup flour
3/4 cup SMB Light 
2 tsp. baking powder
salt and pepper
Whisk all ingredients until smooth. According to Jamie, batter’s consistency must be similar to semi-whipped heavy cream. Coat your fish generously with batter and fry fish for about 5 minutes.

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