Love, the Island

Okay, so I’m not as incommunicado as I thought I’d be. The boyfriend thought it would be a good idea to bring a laptop, just in case. The resort now has wifi so I am able to blog while listening to tiny waves lapping against the shore. There is nothing to complain about.

My plans of getting certified for an advanced diving course fell through since Jamie developed an ear infection. I think King Triton sensed my insecurity about taking the course and put something in his ear. I was actually relieved when Jamie told me we couldn’t go through with it. So instead, the boyfriend and I went diving around the house reef, waiting for Mr. Turtle to come out.

I’ve made some new friends here. My favorite is Jacob. He is six years old and loves to hide medicine dispensers in the sand. Every now and then, he comes and asks me to take a look at his new tree-climbing trick and I happily oblige. I am completely smitten with this one. We’ve been going around the beach looking for hermit crabs and are obsessed with finding the largest one. His parents, who happen to be the boyfriend’s co-workers, are wonderful as well. We’ve been chatting about work as Dad used to be an MYP Tech teacher (the subject that I teach) and had a lot of interesting ideas to share. There is one other resort guest who is also a teacher and works with the boyfriend’s brother in Hong Kong! Talk about connections in such a remote place.

Mike, off to spear some crown of thorns.

The boyfriend is out diving and spearing crown of thorns with Nikki. I am eagerly awaiting dinner as it promises to be an excellent one. Spring rolls, seared marlin and chicken curry are on the menu. Last night’s dinner was equally incredible. Kinilaw was on the buffet, along with some pasta and kalamansi chicken. Nikki, who used to cater for the Glastonbury Festival, has developed a menu that is simple and sophisticated. Her exposure to music is also reflected through her eclectic playlist which she plays at night. Here at Kookoo’s nest, the nightly buffet is something to look forward to.

I am completely happy and content over here.

Two more days. Please slow down.


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