Mustard Porkchops with Caramelized Onions

Six more working days and I’m free. Free from my alarm clock, making report cards, lunch duty and faculty meetings. I love my job but these month long vacations are extremely welcome and much appreciated. I can’t wait for June to come!

Since my mind has sort of gone on vacation mode already, I’ve had more time to take on new things. As if maintaining one blog wasn’t enough, I’ve decided to start a new blog – Keeping Up With the Purita Joneses. I’ll allow the blog to speak for itself  rather than explaining it here. So please do drop by. 🙂

I’ve also discovered a new and simple recipe which I predict will make a constant appearance in the kitchen. Porkchops marinated in mustard, my new favorite discovery! Your usual boring piece of meat will never be the same again.

Marinate your chops in your mustard of choice, overnight. When your chops are ready, heat a good amount of butter on a non-stick pan and fry chops for 3-4 minutes on each side, depending on thickness. You don’t want to overcook your chops so I suggest you keep a close eye on them.

On the same pan, saute’ three red onions until soft. The sweetness from the caramelized onions add a great dimension to the chops and make them even more addicting.

Mustard pork chops were served with an avocado salad, potato salad and french beans. Delicious!

I served the pork chops with a potato salad, french beans and a spectacular avocado salad (note to self: must blog about that, too!). I wanted this meal to last longer than it did because it was so delicious. A must try!



  1. Love the combination of the mustard and carmelized onions

    “Everything I eat has been proved by some doctor or other to be a deadly poison, and everything I don’t eat has been proved to be indispensable for life. But I go marching on. ” ~George Bernard Shaw

  2. That avocado salad looks wonderful too! I love mustard on pork.

    • missmaimai said

      It was great! Will write another post on it and will share the recipe 🙂

  3. mickymac said


    We miss you Mai!

    -Mikey & Thea

  4. ginger said

    reminds me of mom’s porkloin recipe. she rubs that will tons of garlic and yellow mustard too!

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