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All About Jars



I am currently obsessing over jars. What can I say? I’m a sucker for simple and functional objects.

These mason jars could have a number of uses.

1. Storage. Clear jars are perfect containers for spices, herbs, baking ingredients, homemade jams, sauces, salad dressing and chutneys.  What’s also great is that these are see through so you can easily identify and grab what you need. If displayed properly, these could also serve an aesthetic purpose in your kitchen.

2. Shakers. These jars can also come in handy when making home made salad dressings. All you need to do is pour all your ingredients in the bottle and shake away.

3.  Glasses.  My friend came up with the idea of turning these jars into party glasses. They worked perfectly with cocktails since all we had to do was pour, cover, shake and drink.

4. Gifts items. These make for very good gifts. Just fill them with your favorite homemade sauce, tie a ribbon around it and you have instant Christmas gift that will be much appreciated, especially since these are reusable jars.


Air tight jars that I found at the Robinsons Department Store

I used to have a problem with finding these jars so I am quite happy that they are a lot more accessible nowadays.












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