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Fruit Loot


I absolutely love fruits, particularly sour and citrus ones. So during our last beach trip, I was quite delighted with my fruit loot which were mostly found on a short nature trek.  My first find was an indian mango tree which has a smaller fruit compared to the piko and carabao varieties.  It is also a lot less sour (which some people like) but I prefer the green mangoes that cause your entire face to wrinkle up when consumed (my mouth is watering just thinking about it). So you can imagine my excitement when my friends and I stumbled upon another mango tree in a nearby beach house that had the green carabao mangoes. It was quite fun trying to pluck the fruits from the tree, but I must say, eating them with bagoong, tortang talong and ginataang tilapia was waaaaay better.

harvesting mangoes is fun!

harvesting mangoes is fun!


green mangoes as a side dish

Our other fruit find was a kasoy or cashew given by a friendly manang. I never realized that cashews were actually a fruit until I saw this one.  The yellow part that looks like a bell pepper is actually called the cashew apple while the kidney shaped stem is the nut.  The taste of the cashew apple resembled that of a jack fruit but was a lot juicier and had a softer texture to it.  It also had a sour and bitter after taste to it, or in Filipino we describe it as mapakla (I have yet to find the direct English translation for this word.) I don’t think I’ve ever come across a recipe that utilizes the cashew apple as an ingredient so if any of you guys have a good one, please send it my way.

this fruit is native to northeastern Brazil

cashews are native to northeastern Brazil


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