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Goodbye, Summer. Hello, Diet.

I’m giving my liver a break. For the last month, my diet has consisted mostly of meat, starches and beer. Being a huge veggie lover, I can feel that my body is not happy with me.

At the beginning of our camping trip, Mike and I agreed to make a conscious effort to eat healthy.  We were actually quite good about not buying any junk food on the road and were constantly eating fruit and were successfully avoiding fast food chains. But later on, the healthy eating was slowly overcome by the festivities of summer and we just ate like everyday was a holiday.  It also didn’t help that camping food usually equates to grilling lots of red meat and eating s’mores.

So after 28 meat-filled days, I am going on a vegetarian break. No meat, dairy, salt, sugar, oil, and alcohol for at least 3 days. My diet will consist only of fresh fruits, vegetables and beans. As of 12:46PM today, all I’ve had is one carrot, one small cucumber, a banana, a few slices of pineapple and a cup of cooked mongo beans. I do miss the meat but I know my body will thank me after the three days are over.

Today's breakfast : Pineapple, cucumber and banana

In the meantime, let me take you on a visual tour of some of things that I ate during my North American holiday.

Costco steaks are the shiznit!

At our favorite Japanese restaurant, Akasaka where the rolls are humongous.

Portobello Mushroom sandwich and sweet potato curry soup from McMenamins. Unforgettable meal right there!

Oyster stew with foie gras butter. Extremely delicious and sinful!

Steak dinner at our hotel room in Whistler.

Fried pickles from Hooters! These came with wings, of course 🙂

My sister's turkey dumplings and siomai. Sooooo good and actually healthy 🙂

Uploading all these photos made me hungry. Now, where’s that carrot….

*all photos taken with Instagram

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Angry Cook

If there’s one thing that I’ve learned from relationships, it’s that no one likes being the victim of misdirected anger. So as I was on my way home, extremely livid and frustrated, I had to remind myself not to lash out on the unsuspecting boyfriend.

Beef Lasagna

I was also not excited about the fact that I still had to make two trays of lasagna after a long day at work and a bad mood. Ever since I watched the movie, Like Water for Chocolate, I’ve believed that your current mood affects your cooking. Foul mood equals foul tasting food. I was very tempted to order lasagna from somewhere but the perfectionist cook in me resisted. So I hurried over to the grocery, bought my ingredients, got home and quietly cooked.

Vegetable Lasagna

I huffed and puffed as I peeled and chopped my aromatics. I waited for the anger to subside, but the dark cloud over me just would not go away. An hour and a half later, my two trays of lasagna were cooked and I still felt horrible. So I turned to my ever reliable shoes, laced up, and stepped out for a run. The moment I took that first running stride, I knew that I was going to be fine.

I have a feeling that my lasagna is too salty but that’s ok. I think it’s better that I took it out on the food rather than on my defenseless boyfriend, right? My co-teachers will just have to load up on water during lunch. 🙂

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