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Failures and Successes

Today I woke up excited to try out two new cupcake recipes that I had found online. One was for mango cupcakes and another one was for ginger cupcakes.  I’m trying to develop a cupcake menu that has classic flavors and some unusual ones. These two, if successful would probably fall under the unusual cupcake category.

I first tried out the mango recipe since my Bindondo-purchased mangoes were just begging to be used. I had bought them quite full grown and was afraid that if I waited any longer to use them, that they would become over ripe.  The last thing I wanted in my cupcakes was a rotten flavor.

I followed exactly as the recipe directed but was quite concerned about the disclaimer that was mentioned. It said that the cupcakes ‘deflated’ probably because of over-beating. Because of this, I was very careful not to over beat. I watched my cupcakes rise and thought, “Oooh, I can’t wait!” But the moment I took my cupcakes out, they instantly deflated! In my panic, I quickly stuck them back in the oven hoping they would rise again but I knew that there was no saving these cupcakes. I downheartedly pulled my trays out and called it’s time of death.

cupcake flop

cupcake flop

I don’t understand what it was about the recipe. Was it too much liquids? Not enough baking powder? Too many eggs? As I’ve mentioned, I’m no baking expert so those of you who are, please let me know what went wrong. I am trying not to be discouraged by this failure and am hopeful in finding the perfect mango cupcake recipe.

On to brighter things…so I cleaned the kitchen preparing for my ginger cupcake recipe and was quite happy to find a bag of candied ginger that the recipe called for in our ref ( I swear, the things that my mother buys).  I had everything I needed. I proceeded cautiously and optimistic that this one would turn out ok. I watched my cupcakes rise, and this time they were forming the usual peaks. Sigh. I can breathe now. My ginger cupcakes turned out fine and actually delicious.  I was afraid that the ginger flavor would be too overpowering but it was just right.  I wanted to kiss these batch of cupcakes for not letting me down.

ginger cupcake with cream cheese frosting, topped with candied ginger

ginger cupcake topped with candied ginger

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