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Live a Little

Although I am on a (perpetual) quest to shed off some pounds, this does not mean that my quest for good food has to end. Inspired by a post about a new and obscure Chinese restaurant, I went off and broke my diet for a day.

Duck Hot Pot is very, very spicy!

Sauteed Chinese Cabbage was gone in a flash.

6404 Camia offers authentic Hunan cuisine which is known for it’s hot and spicy flavors. True enough, all the dishes, except for the white rice of course, were abundant in chili. So if your tolerance for spicy food is low, this restaurant might not agree with you. But if you’re willing to give it a try, bring a small carton of milk so you can easily douse the heat. 🙂

Steamed kuchay dumplings were good and fresh and there were more vegetables than the pork. But somehow, I still prefer Dong Bei's dumplings.

All beef stir fry. Tasted like there was a lot of cumin in it.

I went there with my heart set on the duck hot pot so with that, Mister M, Dr. O and C ordered Chinese cabbage, fried rice, steamed kuchay dumplings and another beef stir fry.  We were very pleased with all the dishes, most especially the duck hot pot. Turns out that this was one of their more popular dishes as most of the other tables had ordered this as well. With the total price of P1090 for food and drinks, the four of us were very satisfied.

Fried Rice. But the waitress actually suggested to just stick to plain rice "para mas malasahan ang ulam."

The restaurant was actually quite easy to find. We decided to walk to Camia street from Powerplant Mall which turned out to be a wise decision since parking was quite scarce. We arrived at 6PM to an almost empty restaurant but people started trickling in shortly and was almost full by 7PM.

It used to be that I had to travel all the way to Binondo for my Chinese food fix. Those days are now gone.  🙂

* See Our Awesome Planet’s post on Hunan House for directions.


After a very spicy dinner, we decided to take a side trip to a nearby ice cream parlor in Rockwell, The Ice Cream Bar. Perfect for extinguishing the fire in our mouths.

Banana Split from The Ice Cream Bar.

Now, it’s off to the gym I go.


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Wai Ying

As everyone rushed out of Metro Manila for the week long holiday, I decided to stay in the city to enjoy the traffic-free roads and indulge in long and uninterrupted hours of sleep. But being the restless and ‘active’ person that I am, I became easily bored. So Mister M and I, along with our two friends, headed down for Binondo for our usual photowalk / food trip and hoped that our favorite restaurant, Wai Ying was open on Black Saturday.

roast duck and soy chicken

roast duck and soy chicken

We discovered Wai Ying through a friend who lives in Binondo. He suggested that we visit this teahouse and order their duck over rice as he claimed it to be the best. We never say no to duck (or to food in general) so we searched for this hole-in-the wall restaurant and found it conveniently located on Benavidez Street. It’s hard to miss it because their display window showcases roasted duck hanging on hooks and with their exhaust fan strategically facing the street, the duck aromas simply lure you in.

steamed hakaw

steamed hakaw

The restaurant can’t be more than 20 square-meters big but has a second floor. If you come any later than 12 noon, you will surely have a difficult time finding a table because the place always gets full with nearby residents and probably foodies like us who enjoy a satisfying and affordable meal.

fried pork dumplings

fried pork dumplings

I usually order the duck and soy chicken with white rice (P130) which is usually more than enough since portions are quite large. When I’m feeling hungrier than usual, I add a few orders of dimsum such as hakaw (P60) or siomai (P50). Like other teahouses, Wai Ying also offers a variety of noodle and congee dishes that look gratifying as well. My only complaint about my usual meal is that the rice that it comes with is NEVER warm. I was actually tempted to ask if they could microwave my rice but decided it wasn’t worth the hassle.  I just don’t understand why the fried rice comes warm while the white rice is almost like bahaw (day-old rice). Other than that, Wai Ying never fails to satisfy my Chinese food cravings and will always be one of the reasons why to visit Binondo again.

you can have a full meal for less than P200 per head

you can have a full meal for less than P200 per head

Wai Ying
927 Benavidez Street

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