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My Love Affair with Tofu

My love affair with tofu started with my first attempt at making vegetarian adobo.

Tofu Adobo

Garlic spears from Michelle's garden. Where can I find some in Manila?

Enjoying our healthy Filipino dinner at Jim and Michelle's lovely home.

Since tofu is very bland, I knew that your usual adobo marinade wouldn’t do. So, to add more flavor to the dish, I baked it with lots of garlic, some rosemary and garlic spears, freshly picked from our friend’s garden. This dish turned out to be a huge hit, even with my tofu-hating boyfriend. The tofu was so flavorful and actually had a meatiness to it. None of the carnivores at the table seemed to miss the presence of meat.

The tofu adobo went very well with this veggie dish - beans and squash cooked in coconut milk and some curry powder.

I’ve also found that the success of this dish is highly dependent on the quality of tofu that you get. Firm tofu works best with this recipe since it bakes nicely and easily gets that crunchy texture. Last night, some friends and I tried re-creating this dish with some tofu that I found at the weekend market. The tofu that I bought wasn’t as firm and was more like silken tofu. It didn’t bake as well but was still delicious. We figured that with the softer kind of tofu, sauteing would work better. With that in mind, I tried something new.

Stir Fried Tofu with Broccoli

I had another pack of the softer tofu that I got from the market so I experimented with a new and easy recipe. On a very hot non-stick pan, I drizzled about 2 tablespoons of oil and sauteed the tofu until it was golden brown on all sides. I, then, sprinkled it with some green Thai curry powder for flavor. I added some broccoli, salt and pepper.

This dish was so good, eating it felt like an indulgence. I am now thinking of other ways to cook tofu.

Any ideas?

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Diet Food

curried tofu and sauteed bean sprouts, packed for my lunch tomorrow

tomorrow's lunch: curried tofu and sauteed bean sprouts

I’ve been bad. I have been careless about my food in take and feel that I am starting to put on a little weight. So before I pack on the pounds and sink deeper into that ‘my-diet-starts-tomorrow’ attitude, I am back into a more disciplined eating regimen. This means, rice only when necessary (meaning, only when I have a run), more vegetables and protein, and if possible, no fried food.  As for beer…well, let’s just not go that far.

Whenever I want to lose a few pounds, I always turn to my favorite diet food – tofu and bean sprouts. I was a little tired of eating it together, yasai itame style. So tonight, I fancied my tofu up a bit and turned it into curried tofu. As usual, I made my own curry paste consisting of garlic, onions, lemongrass, corriander, turmeric and cayenne pepper. Making your own paste makes a whole lot of difference when it comes to taste and you definitely want your diet food to be appetizing, right?

So this is me committing to being good again. As I post this, I promise myself to be a healthier eater (ba-bye, duck and starchy white rice) and to keep off the weight I worked so hard on losing.

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