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Saturday Morning Frittata

Three months ago, my weekend mornings looked a lot different. I was usually on a long run or recovering from it. But after the Condura marathon, I’ve been finding myself glued to the couch, searching for excuses not to run. Since Condura, I’ve only run a total of 4 times or about 22 KMS. I told you I was in a rut. I keep repeating that I don’t want to run anymore but the truth is that I miss it a lot. So why can’t I bring myself to run again?

I know that if I keep at this that I’m going to start packing on the pounds. Somebody, help!

Since my weekends have been so uneventful, I’ve had so much more time to cook and eat. I usually head over to the weekend market but today, I decided to use up whatever was left in the ref, which was not much. Potatoes, eggs, some herbs and a small slab of picnic bacon. What do you get?


I’ve consumed half of this frittata and am stopping myself from eating the other half. Now what can I do to burn off all those calories?

Potato Frittata

2 medium potatoes, grated
3 small eggs, beaten
picnic bacon, cut into small strips
salt and pepper
Toast you bacon strips in a non-stick pan. The rendered fat from the bacon will serve as your oil. Toss in the grated potatoes and cook for 5 minutes, or until golden brown. Add in beaten eggs and cook on low flame for 5 minutes. Transfer pan to a 350 degree oven and leave for another 5-8 minutes or until the top looks toasted. 

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Saturday Morning

Last night, I was happily tucked in bed by 8:30PM and fast asleep by 9PM.  The deluge of work and late night long runs were starting to take a toll on my body and a good night’s rest was exactly what I needed. I woke up feeling well-rested, famished and excited to bake.


baked eggs for breakfast

I veered away from the red hotdogs and prepared my own breakfast – baked eggs and a strawberry banana smoothie. I dropped by the grocery yesterday and was happy to find strawberry yogurt from the Macalauan Farm. This dairy farm is in Laguna and I’ve found that they have the best full cream milk. Their yogurt was perfect for my breakfast smoothie. 🙂

Strawberry banana smoothie with yogurt from the Macalauan farm


My dog, who just gave birth, has been really paranoid about people going anywhere near her puppies. Her being over-protective got her jammed in between the banister. 😛

Inka stuck in between the banisters

She wanted to check on them without having to go down the stairs.

Inka's four fat puppies


The plan was to bake chocolate oatmeal cookies and pound cake for tomorrow’s run. I was very happy to be baking for such a wonderful group of people.

chaotic kitchen

I decided to turn the pound cake into a marble cake for our very dedicated Coach 🙂

Marble cake

Am hoping for good weather tomorrow, and that my legs endure the 36K run.

Marble Cake recipe to follow…

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I woke up (quite late) this morning and was pleasantly surprised to find breakfast prepared by my niece.

Ham and Cheese Crepes made by my niece

Ham and Egg crepe made by my niece

What a nice surprise 🙂 I can always count on her to be thoughtful. Thank you, Ge!

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Mood Altering Food

I haven’t always been a fan of chocolate. I often preferred chips over chocolates and never went out of my way to have this for dessert. Recently, and probably because of all my baking, I have always felt the need to have a chocolate fix after every meal. Not good for the waistline but definitely beneficial for the soul.

tsokolote eh

tsokolote eh

In preparation for tomorrow’s 5k fun run, I had a (huge) bowl of pasta for dinner. I didn’t really have anything planned for dessert until my niece came down with a brilliant idea.  Churros with tsokolate eh (inspired by my sister)! I excitedly searched for out batidor and took charge of the tsokolate eh while my niece started with the churro batter.

my niece making the churros

my niece making the churros

The chocolate milk took no time at all to make, but before trying it out, I remembered a scene from Chocolat where Juliette Binoche offers Judie Dench a cup of hot chocolate. In this scene, Judie Dench senses a peculiar taste in the chocolate and is tickled pink by it, only to find out that a dash of pepper had miraculously altered her mood from sour to giddy.  Not that I needed any uplifting but it seemed like a combination to unique to pass up. True enough, it was extremely delicious. The richness of the chocolate paired with fieriness of the cayenne can excite anyone instantly and truly perk up the lowest of moods. It’s amazing what food can do!

tsokolate eh with a dash of cayenne pepper

tsokolate eh with a dash of cayenne pepper

It’s going to take a lot of self-control not to make this every night. Especially with the rainy season creeping in, this hot drink will surely make it’s way into our hands more than needed. But hey, i’m not complaining.

What food makes you happy and giddy?

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Rainy Days and Muffins

IMG_5310I was supposed to join today’s Earth Run at Mckinley Hill, but early morning rains prevented me from doing so. I told myself that attending a seemingly poorly organized event alone, in the rain was not worth getting sick over and getting up for on a Sunday. I tried consoling myself with the thought that my registration fee went to a good environmental cause, but there’s something about looking at an unused singlet and race number that makes you feel uneasy. Runner’s regret, perhaps? A part of me was thinking, “What if it turned out to be a good race?” or “What if today was the day I set a new PB?” I knew there was no point on pondering on these thoughts so to distract myself from staring at my untouched singlet, I baked.

The recipe I’m featuring today is from a blog that is easily becoming a favorite. Noble Pig highlights interesting recipes with humorous writing to boot. I’m sure I will end up recreating more than one recipe from this food blog.

I tweaked Noble Pig’s recipe for Crunchy Maple-Banana-Pecan Breakfast Muffins and excluded the chocolate chips and replaced the pecans with walnuts. These muffins were moister than my whole wheat muffins since the recipe called for a mixture of whole wheat and all-purpose flour. The mashed bananas were surely a factor, as well.


This and a glass of fresh orange juice will be perfect for breakfast tomorrow. Let’s hope the rains let up so that I can run outdoors again.

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Whole Wheat Muffins

Whole Wheat Orange Spice Muffins

Whole Wheat Orange Spice Muffins

In about two weeks, I turn the big three-oh and the best gift I can think of giving myself (and I know this will sound cheesy) is the gift of health. Four birthdays ago I promised myself that I would be in my best shape, that I would attain my ideal weight and be healthy. I remember beginning a program and losing a bit of weight but was never able to sustain it.  Smoking, drinking and being careless about my food intake caused me to gain a substantial amount of weight and I did not look good. I was far from being at my prime.

Three months ago, as an attempt to remove inches from our waists, my co teachers and I decided to start our own version of The Biggest Loser.  I knew the only way to shed the pounds was for me to be more active (and reduce beer intake), so I hopped on the treadmill and I told myself to run. Three months and 2 races later, I’ve managed to drop almost 10 pounds off of my weight. Blame it on the serotonin induced by a 7k run but I have never felt better about myself.

my Healthy Options purchase

my Healthy Options purchase

So along with my new lifestyle are healthier recipes, such as this: Whole Wheat Orange Spice Muffins (c/o Pinch My Salt).  I deiced to make a batch of these when Mister M and I were window-shopping at Healthy Options where I found a pack of whole-wheat flour.

pumpkin spice, lemon and orange zest and ground rolled oats

pumpkin spice, lemon and orange zest and ground rolled oats

There were a couple of ingredients that I didn’t have in my kitchen such as the ground flax seeds and pumpkin pie spice. Thankfully, the online recipe that I found included the steps on how to make pumpkin spice. The flax seeds I substituted with ground rolled oats. I also added some lemon zest to the recipe to give it more of a citrus flavor.

I absolutely loved this recipe! The muffins were very dense, flavorful, and most of all, healthy – a great breakfast especially for those who are on the go. Have one of these every day and you’re sure to get your daily dose of fiber.


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